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Coins & Cash are the main currencies in The Sims Mobile for Android and iOS platform. Thanks to that, you’ll be the best.


  • Enter the name.
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  • Wait for processing.

the sims mobile

About The Sims Mobile game

The particular Sims Mobile is a simulation of life suitable for Android. The player creates a virtual hero, and then impacts his whole life, shaping education, professional activity, hobbies and friendly and romantic relationships. There was also the option of using a family and deciding the fate of future generations.

The Sims Mobile is a ruse of ordinary people’s life for Android. The availability makes use of a free model with micropayments and was developed by Electronic Arts.

According to the traditions of the series, The Sims Mobile focuses on simulating the lives of online characters. Players get a lot of freedom to create heroes. We decide on their appearance, choosing between different skin shades, hairstyles, clothes and accessories. We also set their personalities and life goals, covering both careers and hobbies. Almost all this affects the life goals of the sim which we then try to implement during the game.

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Players can set up the character’s location by choosing between different furniture, devices and decorations. Since the game progresses, we unlock new activities and interesting places away from home. There is also an option to organize parties and attend other sims’ occasions. During them we make friends and develop romantic relationships. We also indulge in special events, such as quick dates in the park.

In addition, the Sims Mobile system released on Android allows you to condition the development of entire families. Any time the character realizes his goals and retires, we get special souvenirs, enabling unblocking of new pursuits and careers in following generations. For example, grandfather’s accomplishments as a attorney can inspire his granddaughter to become a assess, and an uncle who works as a cook will encourage his nephew to become the superstar of a tv set cooking food show.

The game has an attractive graphic design, which was made in full three dimensions and in a rather cartoon style.

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